The Bishop's Bottled Beers
Amstel Light  A  refreshing light lager from the Netherlands 

 3.5% abv    Amsterdam   5.


Anchor Steam A smooth, easy drinking brew with mild flavors 

4.9% abv    California     5.


Bear Republic Racer 5  A  full bodied American IPA, using American pale & crystal malts along with four  different types of hops 

7% abv   California   5.

Chimay Blue A dark Belgian ale with caramel malt notes and hints of raisin & date flavors   

9% abv    Belgium    8.

Dogfish Head 60 Min  A powerful East Coast session IPA brewed with Warrior, Amarillo & Mystery Hop X,  leaving  a lot of citrusy hop character 

6% abv   Delaware    6.

Dogfish Head 90 Min. An Imperial IPA with a malt backbone & packed with hop flavors leading to a clean hoppiness in the finish  

9% abv   Delaware    6.

Duvel A Belgian ale using pilsner malts, Bohemian hops & a house yeast to create an intense aromatic & beguiling ale  

8.5% abv    Belgium    7.

Sly Fox Pikeland Pils German style pilsner brewed with imported German malts & Czech hops  4.9% abv   Pennsylvania    5.


Stella Artois A sophisticated Belgian lager with a well balanced flavor profile, pleasantly bitter with a refreshing finish  

5% abv    Belgium    5.

The Bishop's Draft Beers

Allagash White A Belgian white wheat that balances with crisp, refreshing notes & full flavors with subtle hints of spice  

5% abv  Maine  6.


Bell's Two Hearted This IPA has notes of pine & grapefruit while perfectly balanced with a malt backbone & the signature house yeast   

7% abv  Michigan     6.


Neshaminy Creek Rapskullion A hazy Imperial IPA with pine aromas, flavors of fresh citrus, tropical fruits & juiciness   

7.8% abv  Pennsylvania    7.    


Dogfish Head 60 Min  A powerful East Coast session IPA brewed with Warrior, Amarillo & Mystery Hop X,  leaving  a lot of citrusy hop character 

6% abv   Delaware    6.

Winding Path Hazeway A hop forward  New England IPA with tempting aromas of mango, pear, tropical fruits & berries  

7.4% abv   Pennsylvania    6.

Big Oyster Noir et Bleu   A Belgian style Tripel brewed with dried blueberries & black tea, a fan favorite    

9% abv   Delaware    8.



Founder’s All Day An IPA naturally brewed with an array of malts, grains & hops, balanced with a clean finish 

4.7% abv     Michigan     5.


Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter Rich, roasted barley & bittersweet chocolate with coffee notes  

6% abv     Ohio    6.


Magner’s Irish Cider A mild cider that isn’t too sweet or tart  

5% abv    Ireland    5.


Narragansett Lager A New England classic lager; clean & crisp  

5% abv    Massachusetts   4.


Scaldis Caractere A deceptively easy drinking Imperial Belgian ale with a slight maltiness 

12% abv    Belgium   10.


Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing  A hazy IPA with citrus aroma & flavors with a light hoppy taste, with notes of sweet malt  

6.7% abv    California    6 

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale  a classic craft ale with intense aromas of citrus and pine with heavy Cascade hops

5.6%abv     California    6.

Victory Golden Monkey  a Belgian style tripel of banana and clove with a light, earthy hop character and notes of orange and spice 

9.5%abv    Pennsylvania    7.


Victory Sour Monkey An Abbey Triple with hints of banana & a touch of sweetness add to the spices that make this smooth  

9.5% abv    Pennsylvania    7.

Half Acre Daisy Cutter  This west coast pale ale is chock full of lush & dank flavors with pine, citrus and  mango notes  

5.2% abv   Illinois   6.


Wyndridge Cider This local cider uses 5 different types of apples to create a gluten free, slightly dry, crisp, clean cider

5.5% abv   Pennsylvania    6.


Troegs Sunshine Pils This German style pilsner has a  refreshing hop bitterness with a vibrant finish  4.5%   Pennsylvania   6.


Yards Philly Pale Ale This pale ale is crisp, hoppy & bursting with citrus flavors, a local favorite   4.6% abv   Pennsylvania    6.


Yuengling Hershey Porter  A limited release from 2 local favorites of this smooth, easy drinking porter with chocolate tones     

4.7% abv   Pennsylvania    6.  


Guinness an Irish dry stout sweet smelling with hints of coffee and a rich and creamy finish

4.2%abv     Dublin      7.